Trying another diet – the Starch Solution — 4 Comments

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  2. Nice blog Doug! What is very important, more than weight loss, it your blood work. That is the only way to see how great the diet is working.

  3. I lost over 100 pounds in the mid 90s on a Weight Watchers program that was very heavily carb based. That experience has always made me a little skeptical of the low carb diets that became so popular later on. I don’t have any experience with low carb personally though so I can’t say anything about them one way or another.

    I’ve been trying the methods described by Darya Rose in The Foodist and on her website. It’s a “real foods” approach I think I was lacking in my highly processed foods diet, combined with training on how to build and maintain health habits. Just more evidence that everyone has to find what works for them, and that one solution does not fit all. Keep at it!

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