Along the Nakagawa after the typhoon

The weather is beautiful today now that the typhoon has passed. The skies are a clear, brilliant blue. But the winds are very strong, and at times I could barely pedal on my bicycle.

This 10 second video shows what it looks like along the Nakagawa. The waters are churned up, so the water is muddied, and the waves make it look almost like the seashore.

The water, at least at the time I went out, almost reached the lower sidewalk along the river, but didn’t overflow. It probably overflowed in the middle of the storm.

Below the video are a couple of still photos. The leaves are still just starting to turn.



Walking to the river and back – a time lapse experiment

I tried a time-lapse video of walking from my house to the Nakagawa and back – about 1 km away. The whole trip was about 30 minutes, condensed to about 30 seconds. All I did was leave my iPhone in my pocket.

I don’t think I would actually call this a “success.” Maybe if the camera was pointed straight ahead the whole time it would seem a little less “psychedelic” and chaotic. If you have problems with sensory overload I don’t recommend watching this video.

But what the hey – it’s recorded, so online it goes!

Just before sunset, by the Nakagawa

Sunset was at 4:52 pm today. Early! Just before, by the river, I took some photos of the leaves changing color, and caught the sun between two buildings.

Note there is no “green dot lens flare” in the sunset river photo. I found a great app to retouch things like that. It removes all sorts of problems from photos. It can even remove hanging wires! Also, if you click the photos you can see them full size.


img_3763 img_3764 img_3765