A special Golden Week this year in Japan

The 10 day holiday for this year’s Golden Week has begun. Exciting times in Japan.

First the weekend.

Monday is Showa Day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are special Coronation Day holidays. The Emperor abdicates on Tuesday bringing an end to the 31 year Heisei Era. The new Emperor is coronated on Wednesday, marking the start of Reiwa 1.

Friday is Constitution Day.

Saturday is Greenery Day.

Sunday is Children’s Day.

Monday is Children’s Day, observed.

Happy Holidays. For those of us in Japan. 🙂


Happy Labor Thanksgiving Day and… Mon’s 7th and Monta’s 6th Birthday!

You all know it’s a national holiday in Japan today – Labor Thanksgiving Day, which falls one day before the U.S. Thanksgiving Day this year.

But did you also know it’s Mon’s 7th and Monta’s 6th birthday?

Here are their official birthday portraits!


Mon actually cooperated and sat still for her photo

Mon actually cooperated and sat still for her photo


Mon still cooperating

Mon still cooperating


Mon looking regal

Mon looking regal


And here's Monta

And here’s Monta


One more of Monta

One more of Monta


Four of these photos are actually iPhone “live photos” so I turned the last one of Monta into a 10 second YouTube video. It’s the live photo repeating itself 3 times, but cute. There wasn’t much action in the other live photos.


Anyway, off to celebrate Mon and Monta’s birthday now!