Pao takes over the house

Whew. Pao is 12 and a half weeks old today, his weight is now 8.4 kg. And what a day it was. It ended with Pao gaining free rein over most of the house, and emergency electrical work for safety’s sake.

In the morning, I went upstairs to change to go shopping. When I came down I found Pao sitting on the stairs where you see him. But… his fenced in corner with a door was just sitting there as usual, with the door closed and locked. Somehow Pao figured out how to get out.

There are various issues with him running all over the place by himself. Toilet issues seem to be mostly under control (today he was 100% good, but who knows what he’s doing as I post this), but he does grab things and start chewing on them. There is a lot of organizing and putting things away that needs to be done.

But the most dangerous thing is that Pao seems to like this nest of wires by the refrigerator and microwave. I covered it all up with tape, and tried various “dogs hate this” sprays to keep him away, but he just wanted to play with the cords and electrocute himself and burn the house down.

So I sent a LINE message to Furumori-san, our handyman, asking if he would come over and give some advice. Pao was quite excited to meet him.

He looked over the situation and after lots of “Oh my G-d, Oh my G-d” and giving me a lecture about how dangerous and thin and old and dusty my cords were, he said we should drive over to nearby Kojima Denki (the electronics shop in my area) and get new cords.

(Idea to make money: start a service where I release Pao into different people’s houses so he can give them a good safety check.)

Here Pao is seeing us off as we leave to get electrical stuff.

Pao says goodbye as we go down the front steps…

And he’s waiting for us on the stairs when we get back.

While we were gone he was “so so.” He didn’t have any toilet accidents, but he did pull up a corner of the large rug in the dining room. And somehow he managed to find a plastic bag and shred it into about 100 pieces. But besides that everything seemed ok, so I would say that’s pretty good.

While Furumori-san was working on the cords, I saw how Pao was getting out, because he did it twice right in front of me. He figured out a no-effort way of using the side of the staircase as his own private exit from the fenced in area. Basically a small climb onto the fence, and small leap to the stairs.

The fence is utterly meaningless at this point. In fact, the door, if closed, would mean he wouldn’t be able to get back in and use the toilet. So we have tied it in an open position to make sure he doesn’t accidentally close it himself, which he has done several times now while dragging stuff out to play with.

Here’s the new cords setup – high up and out of reach and all new and safe. Plugs for the microwave, air-fryer, Monta’s radio, and some other stuff.

Pao sees Furumori-san off… Come back and visit soon!

Then Pao relaxes a bit under the stairs in the dining room.

Meanwhile Monta was taking in all the action with some interest. I’m surprised he didn’t get startled with everything going on. But he just sat there and chirped, watched what was going on, and ate his food. Now that it’s warmer I need to take him over to get his nails trimmed.

And in other “developments” Pao is getting generally bigger, not just heavier. Here he is while I was making my dinner and you can see he can almost reach the counter. He was also sniffing the potatoes I was preparing.

When I’m in the computer room (which is definitely not ready for him to wander around in yet) and the door to the dining room is closed, he seems to like sitting here on the stairs waiting for one of us to come play.

It’s still not perfect though. The way the stairs are built he can end up with his rear legs hanging over the back and his front legs hanging over the front and he whimpers and doesn’t quite seem to get himself out of that position. I am guessing at the rate he’s figuring everything out that will be ok by morning.

He does seem more relaxed this way though, less anxious in general, now that he’s not cooped up as much.

Pao at 11 weeks old

Pao is 11 weeks old today. It might be my imagination, but I think Pao has definitely gotten larger over the last 5 weeks.

Here’s a photo of him on January 4, 2020 (a few days after I got him) and another photo today, on February 11, 2020.

An update on Pao and trying to deal with biting and nipping now

Pao is now 10 weeks old! Here’s are some photos and videos of him, and his fenced in corner, which I’m using until he gets his puppy toilet down perfect. Pao’s Corner

He’s outgrowing his bed. He was 1.3 kg when I got him on December 28, and this morning he’s up to 5.8 kg!

His puppy toilet training is going surprisingly well. He now gets everything in the toilet essentially 100% of the time. Last night it was cute. I came downstairs for a few minutes myself and he saw me, yawned, got out of his bed, strolled over to the puppy toilet, peed, and then went back to bed. Good boy!

This weekend I’m going shopping for a different kind of fence, with a sliding door, so I can let him get in and out easier when I am there to supervise.

I do need to get better control of his nipping and biting though. Tao ( never bit me or anyone! So I didn’t know this was “a thing” that needed to be dealt with. Pao isn’t vicious – he just nips when he’s playing and excited. I have little wounds on my hands and arms. 🙁

He’s getting better, I think. He can eat little snacks from between my fingers without biting at all. It’s just when he is excited and running around and jumping up and down (I wonder if I can recycle that energy to help power my house…) that he will bite.

Some people think this will get better naturally over time. Some people say, no way, this has to be taken care of now while he is still a young puppy.

There seem to be three groups of thought on this:

  1. The “say ouch and ignore Pao for a few minutes” group. That supposedly gets the point across over time. I do notice if I shout, “Ouch” and just go still that Pao does seem startled and quiets down for a minute.
  2. The “reward with treats and make sure Pao has plenty of gnawing toys” group. I try this as well. Just before I was happy to see him gnawing on a wooden puppy gnawing toy I got him, which is better than teething on the metal rails of his fence! He also has different chew toys.
  3. The “use a tight collar and hold it on the side when he nips” group. Actually, I don’t know how large that group is, but saw a YouTube video suggesting it. The woman dog trainer in the video claims this solves the problem in a matter of minutes. I haven’t tried it yet because Pao has outgrown his collar (!) and I need to get him a new one. (He isn’t scheduled to for walks outside for about another month yet, after his booster vaccine.) This method also seems a bit punitive.

Anyway, any extra thoughts on dealing with nipping and biting are welcome. It might be just a matter of time at this point.

I’m sort of feeling if I can just get that out of the way things will go well going forward. Little kids used to stick their hand right at Tao’s mouth and all he ever did was lick them. I certainly don’t want Pao to bite anybody!

Pao plays fetch!

Pao seems to have taught himself to play fetch! Tao never could do that. Maybe it’s something that certain breeds do naturally? Anyway, this is good, because it can mean hours of exercise and entertainment for Pao while I read a book and toss the ball when he brings it back and say, “good boy.” Check out the video:

And a photo of Pao looking cute this morning. He’s a little over 9 ½ weeks old now, and his weight is up to (gulp) 5.4 kg. That’s measured at night though. Maybe he weighs less in the morning. 🙂