Pao staring at me after I got a haircut

Looking skeptical
Potential new Olympic volunteer ID photo
On the way home from a walk just before
I guess it’s that big thing who lives here (Pao doesn’t know my name)

Very early morning Pao walk

Hirokazu does the morning walks while I’m straightening up, cleaning, throwing out the trash and so on. I do the afternoon walks. Pao seems to require a lot of services. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I take my (rescheduled again) trip to Boston later this year.

He is now 1 year 4 months old. At the vet on Saturday for his rabies shot he went up slightly in weight again, to 26.55 kg = 58.4 lb. I’m at a record low weight, so the Doug/Pao ratio has dropped to 2.6.

Mankai 2021

It’s basically mankai (full bloom) in my neighborhood. Delle took a beautiful picture of sakura at the San Francisco Arboretum using portrait mode on her iPhone. So I decided to try the same thing using my iPhone during today’s walk with Pao. I think it turned out well!