Monta gets his nail trimmed

The weather cooled off a bit, so I took Monta over to the vet to get his nails trimmed. He was a good boy. And we stopped at a park bench on the way home since he doesn’t get out much.

Getting ready to leave the house.
In the waiting room at the vet.
Getting his nails trimmed.
Relaxing at a park bench on the way home.
Safely back on his swing.

You light up my life

Monta and I were just sitting here listing to “You Light Up My Life.” He seems to like it. It apparently was also popular in Japan, with the title 恋するデビ (Koi suru Debby – Debby in Love).

It can’t be wrong….
… if it feels so right.

Monta gets his nails trimmed

The weather is warm and sunny, and it was time for Monta to get his nails trimmed. So we walked over to the vet. Monta was a good bird. He relaxed in the park for a bit afterwards.

Getting ready to go
Outside the front door
Checking out the newly refinished staircase.
At the vet, checking in.
Waiting to be called.
I guess that dog gets to go first…
Agh! What’s he doing?!
Relaxing on a park bench afterwards.

A morning Monta nap

Just a sleeping ball of feathers.

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