Tao 1992-2006 (movie) — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Doug. Just watched. So sad towards the end. Reminds me of Dottie. What did Tao die of?

  2. Step,

    Tao was a large dog and died at the age of 14 years 2 months, which is about 93 years old in dog years. He was suffering from multiple problems including kidney failure, heart failure, etc. Basically old age. He died peacefully at home. The vet was really nice and the last week, when I couldn’t even wheel him over, would come with his wife to do IVs at my house. That’s the couple you see at the end. I think Tao had a good life with me.

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  4. Beautiful tribute. He was such a tiny pup then grew so big. His face was very expressive, he could roll those eyes, couldn’t he? Looked like he had his own nice bed but wasn’t shy about sharing everyone else’s. He was so thin at the end, but he was an old man and winding down. I’m sure he had a wonderful life with you, lots of socializing, a lucky, happy dog.

  5. Hi, Doug

    This Sandy!! did you remember me? long time no see.
    I love Tao’s movie.
    pls check my Facebook. I think you know me.

    if you have chance, Pls send me email,



  6. Thanks for sharing this Doug. A beautiful tribute to your wonderful companion.

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  9. Gosh, there’s nothing like that special relationship with a special dog. They’re all special in their own ways, but the interspecies communication can inspire awe. We lost our 14 year old mutt last year, and it took me a long time to warm to our new one. As you know, they’re all different, and the dog-shaped hole in my heart was a different shape from her new dog-shaped peg. But a year later and we’re very, very close. I hope you feel that with Pao as well.

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