Chako update – starting her 10th life

A few weeks ago I posted about how Chako was nearing the end ( and how we were basically just trying to keep her comfortable.

Her condition got worse, and so I visited the local vet. He wasn’t familiar with the English “nine lives” expression, but after I explained it to him he said it sounded like Chako was at the end of her 9th life. He recommended I get a net laundry basket, and after making sure she was safely in that, to bring her in.

I picked one up at the 100 yen shop, and left it for my neighbor, Kogita-san. Unfortunately Kogita-san contracted Covid and while her symptoms weren’t severe, we couldn’t get together, and I could not get in back where Chako was.

I got her some soft nutritional snack tubes and left them for Kogita-san, who gave them to Chako. Chako actually started nibbling on them.

Kogita-san (who is all better now) reported that Chako started eating more and more of them. And yesterday reported that she’s been gobbling down regular canned food now, her eye seems to have cleared up, and she’s moving around again.

On to her 10th life.

Chako – a quiet update

For those of you who have followed Chako over many years, it appears she is finally nearing her end.

She’s as comfortable as possible, with blankets covering her, and a bowl of food. But she’s no longer eating.

She returned to my neighbor’s house where she feels the safest I think. She’s resting quietly.

Here are posts about Chako over the years.

It’s amazing for a stray to have lived this long.