Pao takes refuge from wind storm under blanket

Pao was scared of the very strong winds outside last night. We had a gale advisory. He ran to us and didn’t want to go away. This is a photo of him taking refuge under the blanket as I’m going to bed. It seemed cute.

He didn’t bark all night. But he was still up until at least 2 am anxiously sitting next to my bed staring at the window curtain, and occasionally going downstairs to check on the windows and doors.

Before going to bed he hid next to my chair in the office. He didn’t object to being patted on the head last night. Usually he doesn’t like that unless he’s lying down.

Blue skies after the typhoon

Beautiful blue skies this morning after the typhoon. You can even see Mount Fuji in the distance behind the Sky Tree and all the cables.

Part of a neighbor’s very old roof flew around the neighborhood and landed on my third-floor veranda. It was very light, so fortunately did not cause any damage. I actually passed it to him from my veranda while he was walking along walls behind the house.

Neighbors cleared out their bicycles and plants this morning from my first floor. And I walked around picking up little pieces of that roof that were all over the place. Everything here seems back to normal at the moment.

This cute snail got inside my first floor during the typhoon. This morning I put him out on a neighbor’s plant. He seemed happy.

Along the Nakagawa after the typhoon

The weather is beautiful today now that the typhoon has passed. The skies are a clear, brilliant blue. But the winds are very strong, and at times I could barely pedal on my bicycle.

This 10 second video shows what it looks like along the Nakagawa. The waters are churned up, so the water is muddied, and the waves make it look almost like the seashore.

The water, at least at the time I went out, almost reached the lower sidewalk along the river, but didn’t overflow. It probably overflowed in the middle of the storm.

Below the video are a couple of still photos. The leaves are still just starting to turn.