Caloric density and weight loss – Starch Solution first week results — 4 Comments

  1. Good job! I wish I could lose 7 lbs in a week! You give me great motivation!

  2. Just started my first week on the Starch Solution (Friday 7th Oct 2016) I am amazed that my sweet cravings disappeared as soon as I started eating comfort foods like potatoes, bread, beans Etc. I hope I get your 1st week’s loss. I was on the Atkins/Paleo for 2 years lost about 18lbs after 3 months but then stalled and craved carbs. This and the constipation made we try the Startch Solution. It has amazed me how your mind can be swayed entirely to do either if you read enough. It seems to me that long term if you never mix high fat with high carb you can eat well and still stay trim. Looks like the food combining principles of Slimming World have it spot on.

  3. This is really interesting. It seems with dieting you have to pick your enemy. You can make protein your enemy and eat high carb. Or carbs your enemy and eat high fat. Or calories your enemy and eat everything in small quantities. I’m pretty sure that any of these approaches work well if you stick to them religiously. It’s a question of working out which you are more likely to be able to stick to. I am also not convinced that you can eat a ton of carbs or fat and still lose weight. So portion control has to factor in at some point. Which for me is a challenge with carbs….I might try the Starch solution anyway. but olive oil ?

  4. I’m having ups and downs, rebounds and losses, etc. this past year. Most of what you say is correct. I’m back eating vegan non-oil now, and I have lost like 13 pounds over the last 10 weeks or so.

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