A special Golden Week this year in Japan

The 10 day holiday for this year’s Golden Week has begun. Exciting times in Japan.

First the weekend.

Monday is Showa Day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are special Coronation Day holidays. The Emperor abdicates on Tuesday bringing an end to the 31 year Heisei Era. The new Emperor is coronated on Wednesday, marking the start of Reiwa 1.

Friday is Constitution Day.

Saturday is Greenery Day.

Sunday is Children’s Day.

Monday is Children’s Day, observed.

Happy Holidays. For those of us in Japan. 🙂


Sakura along Seseragi Park

There’s a long, narrow park I go though when walking home from Shinkoiwa Station. The cherry blossoms are not quite in full bloom, but they are pretty much there. This was late afternoon, on my way home from my weekly volunteer class in Hachioji.

And tomorrow morning we learn the new era name which will come into effect on May first, after the current Emperor abdicates, ending the Heisei Era.

Mt. Fuji this morning, from Hachioji

It’s just a few degrees above freezing this morning, and the sky is very clear. This is the view just before from Create Hall in Hachioji, where we have our volunteer classes on Sunday.


JR East to halt all services after 8 p.m. Sunday – Typhoon Coming Again

It’s now 6:30 p.m. Just after I got home the downpour began.

According to the Yomiuri Shinbun:

“East Japan Railway Co. has announced that it will halt all train services in the Tokyo metropolitan area after 8 p.m. Sunday due to the approaching Typhoon No. 24.”

On the way home I noticed the trains were unusually crowded for a Sunday early evening.

This is the first time I ever heard of a scheduled shut-down of all train services though. A lot of people are going to get stuck.

My storm shutters are closed.

Monta is oblivious. He’s eating dinner now.