Sakura in the afternoon

According to NHK, the sakura are now in full bloom in Tokyo. I’m not sure that’s completely true in my neighborhood, but most of the cherry trees are in bloom. And it was beautiful weather during this afternoon’s walk.

These women seem to like Pao and played with him for a while
Can you see the afternoon moon?
One of these women gave Pao some water. After drinking a little bit he tipped over the bowl and decided to steal it. I had to bribe him with a snack to get the bowl back.

Sakura along Seseragi Park

There’s a long, narrow park I go though when walking home from Shinkoiwa Station. The cherry blossoms are not quite in full bloom, but they are pretty much there. This was late afternoon, on my way home from my weekly volunteer class in Hachioji.

And tomorrow morning we learn the new era name which will come into effect on May first, after the current Emperor abdicates, ending the Heisei Era.