Strange dream about an ugly, friendly dog

Strange dream.

I dreamt I had a big, sort of ugly dog, with an almost human face. But he was really friendly and didn’t know he was ugly. I was eating a bowl of chocolate, and he really really wanted the chocolate. But I knew that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate, so I went looking for a package of senbei. I found senbei but they were all individually wrapped. But when I tossed them in the air, he was somehow able to find them, unwrap them and eat them. I asked him if they were delicious in Japanese, and he answered in Japanese that they were delicious.

Strange, disturbing dream about Mon and Monta

I had an oddly disturbing, vivid, long, repeated dream last night I can’t get out of my head.

Mon and Monta were arguing, and it escalated into a physical fight for the first time. Monta grabbed Mon by the neck and was violently pulling on it, stretching it out like an elastic band. I screamed for help, but I couldn’t get a sound to come out of my throat. Then Monta grabbed Mon and swallowed her whole!

I tried breathing slowly so I could scream again, but no sound came out. I stumbled through the hospital corridors (for some reason I was in a hospital) looking for help, but nobody was there. The place was piled with old boxes and debris, and I tripped over them, and old wine bottles and all sorts of barricades,  looking for somebody who could hear me, and who would help me with Mon and Monta.

I woke up several times and then fell asleep again, falling back into the same dream.

I found my way back to Mon and Monta. Monta was regurgitating Mon, and she was alive – along with 3 small, fully-feathered baby java sparrows! This was how they reproduced! But it wasn’t right. I knew there was something just wrong about it. And I wanted to find somebody to tell them it wasn’t right. A nurse came by and looked at the birds and I wanted to explain what happened, and why it was wrong, but I still couldn’t get the words out.

I still feel weird today about the dream, which was extremely long and vivid. And I can’t imagine what it might mean (except my house needs a good cleaning up for the new year.)

A dream within a dream within a dream

The landing in front of my door had been barricaded with wooden crisscross patio dividers so I couldn’t get out. I didn’t know why I was locked in, but I could hear disturbances outside, like sirens and cars honking. The barricades didn’t look too strong, but I wondered why they were there.

Then I realized the doorbell was ringing and I had been dreaming and woke up. I went to the door and a few neighbors were there. They seemed upset about something going on and wanted to come in and talk about it. So I let them in, and tried to find comfortable places for them to sit, though the dining room table was full of stuff. I wanted to offer them something to drink, but didn’t have tea. All I had was plain water. So I was frustrated about how to deal with the neighbors and it was unclear what they wanted to talk about.

Then I realized I was still dreaming and woke up again. This time I think for real, because I’m posting this blog entry. But I’m somehow left with an uneasy feeling that I’m not sure whether I’ve really woken up or not.


Strange dream

I fell asleep at my desk before…

I was helping with the research of llama in the wild. The only thing we really knew about them was that they like banana peels and alliteration.

So I was trying to coax them with phrases like, “little lounging lazy llama” but was having trouble thinking of good alliterations. They grabbed the banana peels from my hand anyway and lay in piles looking at me affectionately. I realized though that I couldn’t remember the purpose of the research or exactly where I was…