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  2. Thanks for your comment! I’m honored to hear from you. Since I barely cook, about the only thing I can demo is my homemade salad dressing, and sticking forks into potatoes before microwaving them. πŸ™‚

    I have no PowerPoints but if you think it would be useful!

  3. Thanks for the update. Yours is an important voice among the “eat wfpb till full & lose weight easily” folks. Thanks for taking the time to share!

    For me as a compulsive “gourmet” overeater, your very frugal diet is really inspiring. I may never get to calorie counting in my effort to lose weight, but “simple days” are a good start. The savoury breakfat is in line with “Pauper King” Greger’s “eat calories early” advice.

    The okra-inclusive deluxe japanese soy milk sounds great!

    I was stunned by the protein part. You say that your breakfast, eg soy milk, salad greens & nutrional yeast already fill your protein needs? (“Between soy milk & nutritional yeast” = breakfast?)

    600 gr potatoes, 100ml of us soy milk, 300gr(!) Spinach & 2 tbsp nooch put in @cronometer add up to <30gr of protein. While that surprised me, it is below the 60-80 gr recommended. (which you"ll reach easily over the day…)

    I am not at all concerned about your or my protein needs, just asking myself wether I lost something in translation/understansing … I remember you mention that you stay at the lower end of the recommendations.

  4. Stumbled across your site as I was searching for people’s thoughts on Gary Taube’s and the all-of-asia-eats-white-rice issue.

    In any case, thanks for the salad dressing recipe — just tried it — it’s great. I’m also a Michael Greger fan — been plant-based for about three years and like you, I pretty much eat the same thing every day.

    Thanks again!

  5. THIS & YOU are simply the BEST testament to not only the power of a WFPBNO lifestyle but far more importantly to the ‘naysayers’ who yammer on about either the never ending ‘work’ of preparation &/or the need for lengthy lists of ingredients & kitchen equipment to cook with!

    VERY much admired your contribution in the recent WaPo article where I too applauded the info provided by M Greger in a # of comments. Perhaps never noticed b/c of the specifics but do you also comment on nutrition etc. in NYTimes? Have you had your #s check re: nutrition etc. I am surprised you don’t add beans (even canned) would increase your protein considerably. Also it seems you would have very little fiber. I know I would have ‘issues’ in the AM w’so little fiber in the diet…more than SAD but I KNOW if I went a day on your ‘diet’ w’no beans &/or ‘serious’ greens like kale/collards I’d suffer! BEST WISHES, Karen

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  7. Thank yo so much for a simple, efficient, usable way of eating for anyone.
    Such a relief from all the recipes and cooking strategies and uncommon foods and spices.
    Thank you, thank you!

  8. Great Blog. Enjoyed reading about your lifestyle.
    I too enjoy eating the same food everyday.

  9. When you first started your diet did you exercise. How long did it take to loose the weight

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  13. Hi doug
    Do you eat both bags spinach and green salad and coleslaw with corn three times a day?

    I found your talk very encouraging today. Made me think about tracking calories.


  14. Thanks for sharing. This was great information. I didn’t know fruits could be triggering foods!

  15. I am interested in how you eat eggplant as a snack. Could you elaborate please? is it raw, peeled, do you sprinkle anything on it and if so what?

  16. Your interview with Chef AJ was so inspirational. Since working from home during COVID, I have struggled with food addiction and the guilt of gaining a majority of the weight that I had lost the prior year.
    Your journey is inspirational and hopefully will motivate me to return to a healthier way of living.
    I look forward to reading your blog.

  17. Thanks so much for passing this information on, it’s very helpful.
    I’ve been heading down a similar path for the last 6 months, successfully, but this info will help me refine my approach. And that’s a great dressing recipe.
    You are an inspiration Doug.

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  19. thanks female, also am lazy in the kitchen.i eat pretty much the same diet each day.been 2 months since iv been aware of the insulin hormone.i overhauled my diet and getting great blood work results.i have eliminated fruits altogether from my diet and now, nuts also.dropping kilos.lost 10kg and aiming for you said.whats the on are my from katie in sydney australia.

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  21. I can’t believe I’m just noticing your comment now. My apologies. For eggplant, unless the skin is very thin and smooth, I usually prefer peeling it. I like sprinkling cinnamon on it. Sometimes some nutritional yeast flakes.

  22. Sorry for the extremely late reply. As I mentioned in some other comments, I can’t believe I’m just noticing these! I did start with walking. And it took years. I had a couple of rebounds until I read Dr. Greger’s, “How Not to Die” which inspired to stick with it. So yes, it took time. But time is passing anyway, so I figured I might as well get healthy along the way.

  23. Sorry for the extremely late reply. I’m pretty sure I get loads of fiber! πŸ™‚ Sometimes I will have some legumes. They are a bit high in calorie density, so I tend to limit them to something like a 50 g bag of salad legumes.

  24. Apologies for the late reply. I can’t believe I’m just noticing all these comments today! If I have what you listed 3 times a day isn’t that at least the WHO suggested amount of protein?

  25. Thank you so much for your new blog and reply. Really appreciate it so much.

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