Strange dream about an ugly, friendly dog

Strange dream.

I dreamt I had a big, sort of ugly dog, with an almost human face. But he was really friendly and didn’t know he was ugly. I was eating a bowl of chocolate, and he really really wanted the chocolate. But I knew that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate, so I went looking for a package of senbei. I found senbei but they were all individually wrapped. But when I tossed them in the air, he was somehow able to find them, unwrap them and eat them. I asked him if they were delicious in Japanese, and he answered in Japanese that they were delicious.


Strange dream about an ugly, friendly dog — 2 Comments

  1. Did you ever find out the possible meaning of the dream? I just woke up from a dream where a dog with and almost human face was lying next to a sick person.I came over to help the person and the dog was in bed with him.I greeted the man who I was there to care for and then I said Hi to the dog who to my surprise said hi back when it smiled I noticed that it has really ugly black human like teeth.

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