Strange, disturbing dream about Mon and Monta

I had an oddly disturbing, vivid, long, repeated dream last night I can’t get out of my head.

Mon and Monta were arguing, and it escalated into a physical fight for the first time. Monta grabbed Mon by the neck and was violently pulling on it, stretching it out like an elastic band. I screamed for help, but I couldn’t get a sound to come out of my throat. Then Monta grabbed Mon and swallowed her whole!

I tried breathing slowly so I could scream again, but no sound came out. I stumbled through the hospital corridors (for some reason I was in a hospital) looking for help, but nobody was there. The place was piled with old boxes and debris, and I tripped over them, and old wine bottles and all sorts of barricades,  looking for somebody who could hear me, and who would help me with Mon and Monta.

I woke up several times and then fell asleep again, falling back into the same dream.

I found my way back to Mon and Monta. Monta was regurgitating Mon, and she was alive – along with 3 small, fully-feathered baby java sparrows! This was how they reproduced! But it wasn’t right. I knew there was something just wrong about it. And I wanted to find somebody to tell them it wasn’t right. A nurse came by and looked at the birds and I wanted to explain what happened, and why it was wrong, but I still couldn’t get the words out.

I still feel weird today about the dream, which was extremely long and vivid. And I can’t imagine what it might mean (except my house needs a good cleaning up for the new year.)

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