A dream within a dream within a dream

The landing in front of my door had been barricaded with wooden crisscross patio dividers so I couldn’t get out. I didn’t know why I was locked in, but I could hear disturbances outside, like sirens and cars honking. The barricades didn’t look too strong, but I wondered why they were there.

Then I realized the doorbell was ringing and I had been dreaming and woke up. I went to the door and a few neighbors were there. They seemed upset about something going on and wanted to come in and talk about it. So I let them in, and tried to find comfortable places for them to sit, though the dining room table was full of stuff. I wanted to offer them something to drink, but didn’t have tea. All I had was plain water. So I was frustrated about how to deal with the neighbors and it was unclear what they wanted to talk about.

Then I realized I was still dreaming and woke up again. This time I think for real, because I’m posting this blog entry. But I’m somehow left with an uneasy feeling that I’m not sure whether I’ve really woken up or not.



A dream within a dream within a dream — 3 Comments

  1. Doug:

    I’ve done that several times, and it is disturbing. The fact that you remember everything is amazing.

    I’ve also dream’t that I’m trying to wake up and I’m in between sleep and waking up. It turned out that that was part if the dream.

    Dreams are definitely bizarre. Don’t worry, you are not alone!


  2. I think it shows intelligence in that we can come up with these elaborate concoctions!

    Although, it may show our insanity! 🙂

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