Milestone – more than half of me gone!

As mentioned before, I am in maintenance now, and have been for a while. But my weight does normally fluctuate, and still very very slowly drops a bit over time, even as I eat a bit more in calories every day.

Sometimes it’s up by a few pounds, and then it comes down. This week is one of those weeks with slight drops – maybe because of extra exercise or the heat. Anyway, I’ve reached a new all-time low adult weight of exactly 142 lb (64.4 kg).

My starting weight was 284.4 lb (129 kg). So as of this morning I have lost 142.4 lb (64.6 kg) which means I have now lost 50.1% of my original weight! My BMI is down to 21.3.

You’ve seen in previous reports how all my biannual hospital tests are great. For example, my HbA1c blood sugar is down from a dangerously high 11.8 to a perfectly normal 5.1. And I’ve been off all sugar meds for close to 3 years now. My cholesterol is fantastic. As is my blood pressure, etc. The doctor is thrilled.

Here’s a before after picture using a photo I took this morning. It’s not the best photo (I used my Apple Watch as a remote control), but at least you can see the huge weight change.

Anyway, I am happy with what I eat: WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based), which is basically vegan and no added oils or fats. I also limit salt and sugar. Whole starches, like potatoes, are surprisingly low in calorie and very satisfying, as long as you don’t add butter to them. I do no intermittent fasting.

Here’s a recent post about what I eat. I’ve been enjoying a bit more variety than mentioned there lately, but basically I’m a lazy cook and stick with the same, easy-to-make things.

I also log my weight and calories in MyFitnessPal. Calories count whether you count them or not. Today is streak day 3,707.

And onwards!

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