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  1. Hi
    I saw you on ChefAJ and wanted to reach out and thank you for such an informative interview. I, too, would describe myself as fat and lazy and not too interested in recipes and have been plant-based for 6.5 months. I initially had some weight loss, but the loss has plateaued. It is very frustrating as I really want to lose 100 lbs and the weight loss has stalled. I have heard that just because I am plant based, doesn’t necessarily mean I am eating healthy or going to lose more weight. What is your thoughts on being a “bad vegan”. I define bad vegan as someone who eats restaurant food, processed food, trader joes prepared foods etc. When I was eating ultra-clean plant-based is when I was losing weight, but now that I have explored various prepared plant-based foods, I definately have a bias toward these. Thanks

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and found it really helpful. I’m attempting to lose weight & have been trying to figure out a sustainable way & I think WFPB is the way to go. Do you have a site that you use to find out your calorie target, or starting target? I’ve looked on a bunch of different sites, and most give different numbers even when I put in the same information…..thanks

  3. Hi Doug,

    My sister and I watched your presentation on Chef AJ’s channel. Thank you! If you wouldn’t mind sharing, how many calories per day works for you?

    Thank you,

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  6. First, sorry for the extremely late reply. I just noticed a bunch of comments this morning! In answer to your question – do the best you can. I am 100% rigorous about no oil. I’m “mostly vegan” in that I might have miso soup in a sushi restaurant even though I know one of the tiny ingredients is bonito extract. Like Dr. McDougall, I will also have honey sometimes, even though it’s technically not vegan. On my recent April trip to the U.S. I had some vegan/no-oil bread from Trader Joe’s even though it was high in calorie density. But when I got back I went back to normal eating. Do the best you can!

  7. Very sorry for the late reply. I just noticed a bunch of comments today! It’s gone down over time, but I aim for 1600 net calories. That food eaten minus exercise calories, mostly from walks twice a day.

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