iPhone 12 thoughts

To upgrade or not?

I checked, and there is 5G millimeter broadband available from my carrier, Softbank, here in Tokyo. But I got the feeling that it is in some locations, and not in others. Plus if you make a contract with a 5G phone the monthly fee is an extra 1,000 yen/month. I don’t know why considering that they’re already likely to sell more data if it really is faster.

Plus the iPhone 12 only switches from 4G to 5G under certain download circumstances to save battery and prevent overheating.

My feeling is that 5G is “not quite there” yet, and my expectations would be greater than what I actually see.

There are some improved camera features. That’s of interest, but what really is much improved over the original X which I have? The zoom is a bit better, but I’m mostly interested in zoom in. That apparently just changes from 2 to 2.5 because of the zoom out, which I would rarely use. In other words, the advertised 5x zoom is from 0.5x out (with wide view) to 2.5x in.

There are some miscellaneous features which apparently are supported by later models, like the selfie “mirror mode” (so your selfies look like what you actually see on the display rather than the reverse). That doesn’t work on the X.

Anyway, my X is still in perfect condition. The battery was recently replaced under AppleCare+ warranty. So I’m wondering what would really be so much better in day to day life at the moment.

I’m “on hold” thinking about it, or whether it’s worth waiting yet another year. I’m leaning towards waiting, at least until 5G is realistically more useful.

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