Thoughts on Trump testing positive for the coronavirus

  • When Trump loses the election, he will claim he was winning until this (which isn’t true) and blame a loss entirely on the infection.
  • He will use this as an excuse to not participate in the remaining debates, which were a debacle for him, and continue his claims that the debate commission and moderators are biased against him anyway.
  • On the other hand, he may know that he is losing and use this as an excuse to withdraw and claim he would have won a historic victory had he remained.
  • He will, of course, demand testing of Biden. Biden will oblige and test negative.
  • He will push for a delay of the election (which won’t go anywhere) claiming anything else is historically the most unfair thing ever in a presidential race.
  • If the shoe was on the other foot Trump would have immediately demanded that Biden withdraw as physically incapable.
  • There will be far-right rumors that Trump was infected by deep, dark state actors.
  • Those rumors will somehow include Hillary.
  • Trump will retweet those rumors.

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