The secret to getting Pao to stop jumping after cars

I think I may have found the right way to stop Pao from leaping after cars and motorbikes. When he does that he is really really strong, and if he does it suddenly it can hurt my arm.

These are the recommended things I tried which don’t work:

  • Delicious treats to lure him away.
  • Scolding him.
  • Using force to restrain him.
  • Crates. (Just kidding on this one, but at Reddit it seems whenever you ask a puppy-raising question they suggest sticking him in a crate).

What seems to work (he didn’t jump after one car yet today – fingers crossed) is complimenting him on what a good boy he is while rubbing his back. He’ll stop and stare at the cars, but he will be more-or-less still and not use force.

He was calm enough at his late morning walk that I could take this short video with one hand.

Good boy! Good boy!

I look forward to trying this again at our 4 pm walk.

Note: This does not work with cats. I have to drag him away from cats and he gives me a look like, “Are you insane, man? There’s a cat there!”

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