Pao at the pet clinic today — 3 Comments

  1. Move the puppy Pee paper, slowly, towards the door. Then have one just inside the door and another just outside the door. Switch the dirty one, for the one outside, so the smell of urine is on it.

  2. Unfortunately, what you describe is not really possible to do the way my house here in Japan is set up.

    First, the puppy sheet is in a puppy toilet. That’s a plastic box into which the sheet goes. Then it’s covered with a mesh so the puppy can’t tear it up, which Pao would certainly do. So it’s not just a sheet on the floor. It’s his own toilet area.

    Also, the way the house is built is like a typical Japanese house. So there is a “genkan” which is the entrance inside the house, where everybody leaves their shoes before stepping up and going into the house. There is no place for a sheet or puppy toilet there. And that area is generally shut off to Pao unless we are going for a walk. All he would do is chew on the shoes anyway if left to his own devices.

    Similarly, outside the door, which is on the 2nd floor at the top of a 17 step staircase, there isn’t really space for that either. It’s just a small landing. We would have to step on the sheet ourselves going in and out.

    So I’m afraid your suggestion, which sounds interesting, won’t work the way my house is designed.

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