Not great parental instincts — 3 Comments

  1. That’s pretty funny, Doug. My daughter, Celene, rescued a baby (wild) pigeon and raised it, but when she moved to Asia she gave it to a woman in San Jose who raises white pigeons. The woman was a bit horrified when this “feral” pigeon hooked up with her favorite (and oldest) hen (he likes older women – lol). Because she could no longer lay eggs, the woman planted a fake egg in the nest and they took turns sitting on it. This is a very cute post! 😀

  2. Nancy, I don’t think it’s that. The eggs were laid just a few days ago. And they have never instinctively thrown out infertile eggs before.

    I think they just got into a tiff about who controls the nest (Mon won this time) and the eggs getting tossed out were a byproduct of them swirling around in the nest (it looked like a bunch of feathers in a dryer spinning around).

    Nobody gets hurt. They don’t actually bite or peck at each other. But both of them really really want that nest. Usually Monta wins, but when Mon has to lay an egg she won’t give up and then she wins.

    Since then she’s laid two more and is sitting on them.

    Sharon, that sounds cute about the pigeon!


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