Visiting the Sensoji for New Year’s

Yes, we are still in the middle of the New Year holidays here in Japan. While I visited my local temple and shrine on the 2nd, today, January 4th, we visited the Sensoji in Asakusa. It’s so crowded that it’s all but impossible to get into the main building. But even the side streets are exciting during this holiday season.

Approaching the Sensoji, there was a nice view of the Sky Tree, and the Kaminari mon (the main gate). I don’t know the guy whose face sticks out in the full front photo of the entrance.




1531950_10152122557935726_253358234_o1602096_10152122557930726_1217093947_oSushi candy. Who could resist? I managed to.

1496356_10152122565065726_1776089400_oThere’s this great senbei shop on a side street. That nice looking omiyage is maybe for… Me! It would all break if I shipped it, right? 🙂

1490686_10152122566855726_1295883029_o1559479_10152122566845726_476902105_o1537497_10152122566865726_1803354342_o1503430_10152122566860726_1548741302_nTraditional Japanese festival fare. Yaki something-that-was-once-alive, and banana chocolate.

I never noticed this large bell before.

The crowds, and some views of the main temple.

1526377_10152122654100726_2020413265_n1496240_10152122654115726_283465197_o884499_10152122654105726_942287480_o1523620_10152122654120726_866169942_o1502347_10152122654110726_2091725111_oSome parting shots. Including the Koi pond.

886769_10152122765970726_1174691525_o1540337_10152122765965726_1866586708_o1545207_10152122765960726_428445635_nHave a good 2014.

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