You say tomato

On the way back from cycling I stopped at the supermarket. There was a sale on boxes of huge tomatoes from Chiba, 15 in each box, for just ¥500.

I got swept up in the moment and somehow managed to carry a box home, and somehow managed to stuff them all into my refrigerator.

Now I’m thinking, “now what?”

doug@off to make a lunch salad

Strange door-to-door salesman

Actually, it wasn’t a salesman per se. He was going door-to-door offering to buy old jewelry and precious metals. He seemed legitimate, with professional flyers and an id of some kind. But still, isn’t that a strange thing to do door-to-door?

I couldn’t think of any precious objects I wanted to sell to a stranger who came to my door. And even if I did, it occurred to me it might not be wise to say I had a trove of gold and silver hidden in a secret compartment under my floor.

I’ve had a few odd door-to-door sales in the past. For example, once somebody tried to sell me a copy machine. And once somebody came trying to sell cars. Seems like odd things to sell door-to-door.

People on the phone sometimes try to sell me a grave. That must be fun work.


Door-to-door salespeople of the week

I’ve had all sorts of odd salespeople come to my door. In addition to the usual insurance, newspaper subscriptions, vegetables and various churches, I have had salesmen ring my doorbell and try to sell me automobiles and copiers. Even funeral plots. Door-to-door car sales sounded especially strange to me.

Today a pair of salesman came to my door wanting to buy platinum and gold jewelry from me. They were offering fine prices they said.