Rice and Calorie Density – some hints for weight loss — 11 Comments

  1. Just watched your zoom with Chef A N. You’re a. Inspiration . Please sign me up to receive your blog and posting to continue I spiri g me to a successful journey into health sating and living. I too am lazy in the kitchen . Thanks!

    Linda Jansen

    Also on facebook

  2. I just watched your presentation with Chef AJ and I very much appreciate your willingness to tell your story. Very inspirational and some new slants on the process of finding normal in this highly abnormal food world that we live in Warm regards from the often cold country of Minnesota. Tahirih

  3. Hi Doug!
    I learned about the Lerner a few years ago. How ironic that your last name is that. – Given that you are a great teacher!
    Thank you for sharing your presentation with all. I
    enjoyed how you illustrated your journey.
    And of course I love learning, especially if there isn’t a test involved. Thank you again.

  4. I enjoyed your presentation on Chef AJ Live very much. You’ve inspired me to try again!
    I also have a partner, and family members who will not eat a healthy, plant based diet. Seeing you
    be successful with minimal cooking and hours of food prepping makes me think I can try
    to do the same and finally find success and improved health. I can relate to your story! I also just
    got Chef AJ’s latest book.
    I’m going to enjoy spending time on your website!
    Thanks again!
    Nancy O in Atlanta GA

  5. Excellent post Doug. I doubt I would find the rice gruel even in our Asian supermarkets here so I just tracked down several recipes online and might try making them myself.

  6. I really enjoyed your presentation with Chef AJ.
    I wish I knew how to make okayu at home because I live in Pennsylvania where I have not seen it for sale. I wonder if I ground up rice before boiling it I could make my own. I will look up recipes. Thank you for explaining it has satiating qualities which may help. I am much older than you at age 76 and a widow, but I find myself giving in to dates and almonds as snacks. I will stop because likely I have same problem as you and AJ. Thank you so much for your presentation! I don’t think I have a website.

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  9. Sorry for the late reply! I did sign you up – and I removed your email address from your earlier post. Thanks!

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