The fat, lazy, middle-aged person’s guide to weight loss — 10 Comments

  1. I watched your interview and want to say thank you for sharing your experience. Your slides are helpful. 100% agree that you are very relatable and funny too! 🙂 I too have been following Chef AJ but had issue with her stance that you don’t need to count calories. Your experience and strategies are very helpful.

  2. Just catching up on some of Chef Aj’s interviews on a Sunday. You are so open, honest and real! Congrats on your success and your health. I’m fairly new to this way about 95% and about 6 months in. I didn’t really have a weight issue as I lost
    it with WW & was a coach for 23 years. I always leaned to clean eating and little meat, etc., as I didn’t want health issues that my family history dictated
    Having worked in the medical area in different arenas. However, changing my eating to mostly WFPB, I dropped 10 lbs without trying, as a woman of course I’m not complaining. At 65 I have more energy and sadly better health than my 3 children ages 42,38 & 33. My blood work although excellent was even better 4 months in. Again, kudos and congrats to you! Great interview and you should definitely write a book. P. s. I exercise at home and do weight bearing/strength training, bicycle, indoor mostly, but out door to and walking as well. I do a variety between 5-7 days a weekAnd you definitely should add weight bearing to your routine, very important as we age.

  3. I saw your presentation with Chef AJ and then subscribed to your blog. You are inspiring and delightful. I hope you write the book. I feel like I have landed on 2 of your 3 core tenents (Calorie density and WFPB), but I might have to start calorie counting to make more progress. I just resist it so much because of years of “tracking” and counting on Weight Watchers and other programs. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this presentation. I also found Dr. Mark Hellerstein’s presentation on Chef AJ’s channel and watched that. I like the distinction you made with WFPB for health and creating a calorie deficit for weight loss. I had previously synced the Chronometer app with my Fitbit and it is great to see all the information laid out there. I am a numbers person too so I like the idea of it being “just math.” Thanks again!

  5. Hi Doug, and thank you for being so generous with your information and methods.

    May I ask what you use for condiments with rice and starches? This is problematic for me. I love most Asian sauces, but oy, the sodium! Likewise if you eat potatoes or sweet potatoes, do you have any favorite condiments?

    Loved your appearance on Chef AJ. You really resonated with me. Thank you again,


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  10. First, my apologies for replying so late. There were a bunch of comments I didn’t even notice until this morning! With my rice I tend to sprinkle cinnamon on it. Weird? 🙂 For potatoes I will add some spices like ginger and maybe drizzle a little ketchup on them. If I mash them I may add a bit of soy milk too.

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