Mon’s molting, mooolting! — 7 Comments

  1. LOL!

    She can look rattier than that! Give her some extra egg food and maybe a little olive oil. It won’t be so hard on her.

  2. Mon has never liked egg food. There is some in a little dish next to the dish with her calcium chips, which she does like. But she has never touched the egg food.

  3. I add drops of vitamins to her water every day. I’ve done that ever since Hao passed away last year.

    So Mon and Monta eat professional breeder seed mix I order from a special place in Japan, plus little pieces of dried fruit, plus little “green food” pellets with vitamins, plus lots of millet (they love millet), plus calcium chips, plus they get vitamins added to their drinking water every day.

    They just don’t seem to like the egg food for some reason is all.

  4. I thought so too. If it was me, I’d prefer the egg food. It looks fresh and tasty. 🙂

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