iPhone 6 Plus camera test this evening in low light – impressive

One of the attractions of the iPhone 6 Plus is the vaunted great low-light photo capability, with optical stabilization.

I took these photos this evening while walking home from Shinkoiwa station. It was well after dark. There was very little lighting – just some ambient street lights. It was basically quite dark. No flash was used. And I didn’t rest the camera on anything – just held it in my hand. No post-processing was done.

I have to say I am really impressed by the quality. They are probably the best low light photos I ever took. And they look great full size too (you can click on each one to see). There really is no noticeable noise at all.


Photo Sep 28, 6 35 45 PM


Photo Sep 28, 6 37 04 PM


Photo Sep 28, 6 40 47 PM


Photo Sep 28, 6 38 38 PM


Photo Sep 28, 6 39 31 PM


Photo Sep 28, 6 42 21 PM


Photo Sep 28, 6 54 03 PM




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