iPad or Nexus 7 – which has the best user interface? I choose the Nexus 7 as the winner.. — 2 Comments

  1. I had no idea that the navigation is so different on iOS, I do indeed use the Android back button on my tablet constantly. OTOH, I’m not at all surprised to hear you say that the voice dictation on iOS is considerably better than the Android equivalent; I’ve heard many iOS users comment positively about it and I don’t know any Android users who think the dictation is particularly good. I presume Apple either has some secrets or some patents that prevent Google from achieving equivalent performance.

    What about the screen size issue? Are you finding that the Nexus 7 works well for you in terms of size, or do you miss the larger screen of your iPad?

  2. The screen size and weight were two of the reasons I was interested in the tablet to begin with.

    Tablets are not really day-to-day productivity devices. But I do find them convenient when outside. And I find them convenient when just around the house and not by my computer for checking news sites, reading Facebook, and replying to email.

    I like my iPad too. But I find I don’t “grab for it” when I’m just around the house. It just seems too big, so I end up grabbing for my iPhone instead. But the iPhone, is really too small to comfortably use for email and things like that. Although I am using my iPhone 5 right now, and using Siri dictation to enter this message. That’s because I’m still asleep. 🙂

    The Nexus 7 seems like a good in between size for casual use. It’s very lightweight, so it can easily be held in one hand. You can’t do that with the iPad 2. So I am finding the size very convenient.

    If I had to go out for the day, and take along something with which I could use for ssh and control hosted sites, and things like that, it might be okay. Or at some point I might decide I want the bigger screen. It’s hard to say.

    What I do know, is as nice as the iPad 2 is, since I don’t go out much, I rarely use it. But I do find myself just grabbing for the Nexus. It’s a very convenient size, a very good weight, and it’s fun and easy-to-use.

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