I outsmarted Hao and got him to take his medicine

I guess I’m slightly smarter than a Java Sparrow.
If I stick my pointer finger directly in his face Hao always pecks at it (Mon does not). This goes way back to since he was tiny.
So I just put a drop of the medicine at the tip of my finger and he pecked at it. Twice. And I know he got some of the medicine in because I could see his mouth moving afterwards like he was swallowing something, and he was moving his tongue.
So my finger hurts a bit, but I think he got at least one dose. I’ll try this method for now.
Except for sleeping a lot, he seems sort of ok today. He has his appetite and was eating seeds, dried fruits, calcium chips and nibbling at the rape leaf the doctor recommended adding for particular vitamins it has.
And he has enough energy to get angry at Mon if she pesters him too much. So that’s a good sign.
I’ll just continue to give him the medicine like this for a week, as long as my finger holds out. I’ll also get some sugar. The vet recommended mixing it with sugar.
Apparently there just isn’t anything particularly designed to make giving medicine to tiny birds easier. I guess there’s not a large market for it.

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