I don’t see how Java Sparrows get anything done

Mon likes to come to my desk and steal tissues. I believe her goal is to take them back to her nest and shred them.

But she goes about it so haphazardly I can’t see how she ever accomplishes anything. 99 times out of a hundred she’ll steal a tissue and then she’ll try to figure out how to pick it up because it doesn’t seem to cross her mind that she can’t because she’s standing on it.

When she does pick it up she gets all excited and flies around the room with it in her beak, usually dropping it.

Sometimes she’ll bring the tissue to me and sit on my shoulder and try to shred it, with most of it falling on the floor.

I was amazed to look in the cage earlier today and actually see a tissue on the floor of the cage and bits of shredded tissue in her nest around her eggs with Mon sitting look all snug and cozy. I don’t see how she managed to get that far.



I don’t see how Java Sparrows get anything done — 3 Comments

  1. Frankly, I don’t see how the owner of a Java Sparrow gets anything done. My observations lead me to the conclusion that it is, though interestingly absorbing, a time-consuming responsibility, to care for them. Dave

  2. Oh, it’s easy. They THINK I’m playing with them for hours each evening, but really what I’m doing is typing away at program development. They can’t tell the difference and find whatever I’m doing amusing.Like right now Hao is sitting on my chest staring at me and my fingers typing. I didn’t even notice he was there for a while.doug

  3. She is smarter than we think she is. She knows you like to see her fool with the tissue so she does. They are smarter the us. Love, Muttle

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