Diet reset — 3 Comments

  1. I am back on the WW bandwagon again and making decent progress. To my mind the main advantage of the WW point system over straightforward calorie counting is that the point system is biased in a way that encourages consuming low glycemic index foods. That makes me less hungry and thus less likely to snack.

  2. OK. I’m ending the WW experiment. This morning I’m back up to a dangerous level.

    Obviously the people at the WW group on FaceBook who say “zero point fruits need to be severely limited” are correct. The calories in all the fruits I’m eating must be the cause of the weight gain I’m experiencing because I’m not overeating anything else.

    So, to me, there is no point (no pun intended) in trying to follow WW. The whole attraction to me was the zero point fruits and veggies so I wouldn’t face the psychological stress of the “daily calorie limit.”

    But it doesn’t work. You do have to limit fruits apparently. So there is no advantage – at least to me – over this plan versus journaling all the food and exercise calories I use.

    So I’m going to somehow have to get the will power to go back and do that.

    Oh well. You can’t fight conservation of energy.

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