Update of Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuclear plant news – Japan Times

Seawater radiation shoots far past limit
Tepco admits that radioactive iodine-131 readings taken from seawater near the water intake of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant’s No. 2 reactor reached 7.5 million times the legal limit.
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Tepco plans to pay partial compensation
Tepco plans to pay provisional compensation by the end of the month to residents and farmers living around its crippled nuclear plant.
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Utility’s shares plunge below previous low set in ’51
Tepco shares plunge again, hitting their lowest point ever amid growing doubts about its ability to contain the Fukushima nuclear crisis.
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Nuclear crisis man-made, not ‘an act of god’: experts

Use of radioactive disposal facility weighed

Pair held in radiation drug scam

Dealers brace for Japanese car shortage

Disaster may bring global hit: IMF head

Power crunch: Businesses to be urged to start hour earlier this summer


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  1. That is why there is greater radiation in the fish. As I said before I don’t eat fish but if you do eat only good fish, Ha,Ha Love  Muttle

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