Early evening Sakura — 4 Comments

  1. My Nihongo no sensei and I took a leisurely stroll through Inokashira Koen in Kichijoji this morning. The cherry trees are in full bloom. There were a few gatherings with tarpaulins on the ground but mostly people of all ages were strolling the circling path around the lake. It was a relaxing yet somber occasion, considering the precarious conditions of so many Japanese to the north of Tokyo. Our stroll ended with lunch at a special restaurant in the western part of Kichijoji. A first for me with close to a 6-course lunch. It must be on the list for the next cherry blossom viewing. Cherry blossoms are so fascinating: At their most beautiful state they fall gently to the ground. Dave

  2. They are beautiful. What is the temperature in Tokyo now ? Here it is still cool, about 60 but we have no earthquakes. Love. M&M

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