Tokyo 2020 Olympics – some scenes from volunteer days

Just some scenes from volunteering at the Oi hockey Stadium for the Olympics.

Trying on my uniform.
One of the tables in the Olympic Family lounge.
Outside the Olympic Family lounge above the north pitch.
This volunteer was telling us how to say welcome in Chinese to potential visitors of the Olympic family
Here I am minding the entrance to the Olympic family lounge, main floor in front of the elevator.
Do your credentials have a code 6 on them?

Taking a spin on a Segway in front of the stadium. Nobody knew what the Segways were there for, so we volunteers were taking turns taking spins on them.

Some of us practiced driving the electric car between the north pitch and the south pitch. There wasn’t anybody really to take back-and-forth though. So we just took turns driving for the fun of it.
In the parking lot in front of the stadium entrance. My job was to tell people being dropped off where to go to check in. One car came while I was there.
Up in the hockey stadium stands, just in case somebody came by and needed to know where to sit.
Playing the national anthems before the Great Britain versus Canada match began.

There hasn’t been a lot to do so far, but occasionally we help somebody find their way. We rotate between different positions during the day. We also applaud the athletes after a match is over and they return to get checked at the doping station. Even though it has all been eerily quiet, it will make for an interesting memory.


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  1. Great pics- thanks for volunteering and also for posting….
    now exactly where is the women’s mud wrestling competition is being held? 😬

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