United in Emotion – with members of my Olympic volunteer group

Even though there was almost nobody there to help, our volunteer group seemed to enjoy today. We all get along together very well. I helped some people get around, and was asked to take a few pictures for some visitors.

Here is our group at the end of the day. While it’s not the exact same people every day, there is a large overlap, so a core of us have gotten to know each other.

Here another volunteer and I are discussing what to do about some stadium seats that nobody is using.

This volunteer is really into collecting pins for her ribbon and bag.

Going for the gold!

So far I only have two badges, a bronze volunteer badge and a silver one. All the volunteers get a bronze one. People who are here for three days get a silver one. And people who are here for five days get a gold one.

Because they eliminated spectators, my volunteer schedule was radically cut down to just four days which would have made me ineligible for a gold badge, but they allowed us to add extra days if we wanted to today. So I added one more day and I will get a gold badge when it’s done!


United in Emotion – with members of my Olympic volunteer group — 1 Comment

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