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  1. Read pilled, from the movie matrix. When a person takes the red pill, they’re willing to be exposed to the difficult truth. When a person takes the blue pill, they go back to their blissful living, unaware of what really goes on.

    You’re starting to ask questions. About the effectiveness of vaccines. About the advice of masking and not masking. The claim of less severity. That is being red pilled. Starting to question the governments narrative. Looking into their claims deeper.

    The promise was get the vaccines, and people will be immune from getting Covid. But that turns out to be completely false. The promise was have less severe symptoms, but now as you read deeper, you realize that they didn’t really define what that means. You were told wear your mask, and you’ll be protected from Covid. Now you’re finding out that’s not true. you’re starting to be red pilled.

    Consider the book “the contagion myth“ by Thomas Cowen.

  2. You started to be read pilled when you decided to change your diet to plant-based whole foods.

    My father, when he was in the hospital, the head of the hospital ward came in with his interns. I asked him if he knew about the study of Dr. Esselstyn. This is where 162 patients were able to hold and even reverse their heart disease, for even five years of follow up in the study. All by plant-based whole foods without no added oil. The head doctor looks at me and says “I know about it.” So I said, do you tell your patients? My father was not informed of it. The doctor looks at me and says “we don’t tell them, because the patients won’t comply.”

    Hospitals, and doctors, will willingly keep the patients in the dark, and make up excuses. They won’t give them the truth about diet and nutrition. Because they have their own profit motive.

    The medical industry has countless examples of hiding the truth from patients. Of giving procedures that are actually harmful, like stents. Also doing operations that cause harm over time. Prescribing medication‘s, with lethal health effects that are hidden from the doctors by the pharmaceutical companies. And only later when I first recall occurs, did they pull it off the market. Do a simple search for “harmful medications pulled from the market“ and this does not tell you about how it was proven that the drug companies were hiding these known facts before the recall occurred. It is only through court cases in discovery, where it is proven these pharmaceutical companies knew in advance of the harm to people, as well as deaths, but they chose to hide it causing wilful harm.

    People are promised safety if they simply follow the pharmaceutical companies products. They will improve their immune system. Yet it turns out this is not true. As you pointed out in the article you read.

    Plant-based whole foods clinically improved peoples health. Heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease. And the list goes on.

    Have you heard about the Spanish study that recently concluded that 99.99% of the countable components in the vaccine were graphene oxide. And the less than 0.01% were the active component of the vaccine. Possibly consider going to the national Institute of health website, and do a search for graphene oxide.

    Becoming red pilled is painful in the beginning. Because it undermines our confidence in the narrative of the government. But after a while, we start to find strength in truth. We start to find other ways of feeling safety and security. Personally my strength is God the Creator and the immune system he provided me.

  3. While I agree with you on whole food plant based (which I am) I disagree with you on the vaccine, what science says about it, and even the part about graphene oxide. And about masks. There is true science behind all of it, just not what many of us were expecting from the outset.

    See for example

    “The Pfizer vaccine does not contain any graphene oxide, a Pfizer representative confirmed to The Associated Press. The study referenced in this bogus claim is not peer reviewed, nor is it supported by Spain’s University of Almeria as some have claimed.”

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