Monta back home again

I went over to the Ekoin to pick up Monta’s urn just before. It’s located in Ryogoku, which is also the home to the main sumo stadium, and the Edo Museum, and is just 4 stops from Shinkoiwa, where I live.

The sumo stadium, from the Sobu line platform at Ryogoku Station.
At Ryogoku Station there is a lot of sumo memorabilia, including hand-prints.
The front entrance to the Ekoin, which is just a few minutes walk from the station.
In front of the main mausoleum there are monuments for different kinds of pets.
There’s an old cemetery on the grounds as well.
At the entrance to the cemetery.
Some of the grave markers go back hundreds of years.
The main mausoleum, where Monta’s urn was. There are pigeons on the window ledges..
Inside the mausoleum entrance.
Monta’s locker, #24.
The label on the locker, with our names, and Monta’s name.
Carrying Monta’s urn on the train back to Shinkoiwa Station.
Monta, at his favorite place in the world – by his swing. Next to him is Mon, and next to her is Hao.
And there on the far right is Tao, who passed away 14 years ago this month.

Everybody is home again. I’m sure Mon is thrilled to have Monta close by again. And that Hao is thrilled to have someone else for Mon to share her attention with.


Monta back home again — 3 Comments

  1. So very beautiful and so much respect even when our loved ones pass to another world. I really love how the Japanese revere life and his passing. This is a very beautiful tribute and I know how sad it is to lose one that you love dearly! I am glad that Monta and the others are together…There is nothing like family and my thoughts are with you. You have given much love to your creatures as they have in return. Sending love and condolences

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