Sleepy Pao photos, weight update, and getting ready for his first vet visit!

Here are some cute photos of Pao, showing him getting sleepier and sleepier while taking his picture.

Fast asleep now. Basically he eats, uses the puppy toilet (90% hit, good boy), runs around playing with stuff for about 15 minutes and then falls asleep again.

Meanwhile he’s gaining weight every day: 1.3 kg, 1.44 kg, 1.48 kg, 1.56 kg, 1.69 kg, 1.76 kg, and yesterday 1.86 kg – maybe. He was squirmy. Haven’t weighed him yet today.

This morning will be Pao’s first visit to the vet! We are testing out this old camera case as a puppy pouch for today.

My questions for the vet:

  • Is the puppy food I’m using the best for now?
  • How big do you think he will get?
  • What kind of a mix do you think he is? Can we do a DNA test?
  • Is pet insurance worth it?
  • When should he get neutered? How long will he be hospitalized? How much does it cost?
  • What vaccine and flea treatment schedule is recommended?
  • Nail trimming! Please do it! And show me how to do it! His nails are sharp! 
  • How often should he be washed?
  • Do you think he is the type of dog that sheds? (Tao has been gone for more than 12 years, and I’ve since moved, but I still sometimes find Tao hairs!)

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