Pao’s first visit to the vet

The new vet, recommended by Kogita-san is Kawauchi-sensei. The Shinkoiwa Animal Clinic is with walking distance of my house. Both siblings will be going there as well.

Pao was a very good boy. He’s up to 2 kg already! That’s up from 1.3 kg on December 28th, when he arrived.

The vet is predicting he’ll grow to be maybe 10 kg when he’s an adult. It’s hard to tell. He thinks maybe he’s a terrier/schnauzer mix with some Japanese breeds mixed in. I asked about DNA tests and he said he didn’t know of any.

Feeding is fine. The doctor said it’s OK to wean him off the puppy milk now, but since I have two cans left it was also OK to add that as a supplement. I think maybe the concept of when it’s OK to start weaning is a little bit different here in Japan than in the United States. Pao is now 40 days old and the vet said that’s perfectly ok.

He cut Pao’s nails so they don’t hurt me anymore. Yay. I have a nail cutter also, but I’m a little nervous about using them, like I am with Monta, so I might bring him back there for regular clipping.

Pao seemed like he needed to go to the bathroom, but didn’t want to go there, even though they put out a puppy sheet for him. He waited until he got home, and then properly went in the puppy toilet. Good boy!

He’ll get his first vaccine on January 27, and basically everything’s OK and there’s nothing to worry about.

We talked a bit about neutering and the vet said it wasn’t as critical as it is with females, but he suggested at about 6 months.

Pao also seemed to like the vet.

Note to self: need to get a proper puppy carrying case instead of an old camera bag.

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