Pao meets a stranger

This was Pao’s 2nd walk. He just goes back-and-forth and runs in circles and doesn’t really know what he’s doing yet. But he did figure out how to go down and go up the front steps by himself.

He’s scared of cars and he’s scared of bicycles. But he loves people. He runs up to everybody. And he doesn’t bite them, he just kisses them. Watch this video as he meets a complete stranger.

After a while he goes back up the stairs into my house, I take the leash off, and then he runs for the toilet and uses the toilet inside still. He was very interested in a certain tree, but he didn’t stop to pee there or anything.

We also went outside a bit this morning, but it was raining, so we didn’t do that much. Pao did, however, learn that towels can be used for something other than tug-of-war and seemed fascinated by that. Here’s a photo of a wet puppy.

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