Pao’s first walk

Pao is now 3 months old, weighs 9.4 kg, got his booster shot last week and so he was ready for his first outside walk today (according to the vet)!

It was raining most of the day day, but finally the rain let up so I took him out about 5 pm.

Here’s a video (it’s 5 minutes long, so feel free to skim):

I had to carry him down the front stairs and back up again. He couldn’t figure it out, or was scared, though he has conquered the stairs inside my house now.

Mostly he’s running back-and-forth in front of the house not knowing where to go. He gets to the end of the row of houses and turns around. Then he gets near the street and gets scared and turns around. So he just runs back-and-forth. He doesn’t try to dash off anywhere. The only time I pulled on the leash was to stop him from going in between two houses.

At the end of the video two neighbors showed up and he got excited and try to run after them. They said, “how cute” but didn’t hang around.

He didn’t do anything outside, but when he got back in he made a dash for his puppy toilet and took a pee. Good boy I guess.

After that he ran a lot of crazy circles inside trying to calm down.

I think he’s excited about his new expanded world.

But I wonder how to transition from using his puppy toilet inside to always going outside. As with Tao many years ago, everything seems to be different. Tao just decided one day he wanted to go outside and never went in the house again.

I also wonder what kind of outside walk schedule I should try at first.

Pao is “very good” with the inside puppy toilet, but still not 100%. He has a few frustrating misses each day and I just sigh and clean them up and say “good boy” when he gets it right.

Here’s his current album of photos for those interested: Pao’s Corner

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