November 28, 2019 – quarterly test results

My quarterly blood test results are in, and the results are great.

I recommitted to WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) in September of last year, after being inspired by Dr. Greger’s guidelines in “How Not To Die.” I also follow additional recommendations for comfortable, sustainable weight loss from people like Chef AJ, Potato Strong, and Plant Based Gabriel, with some tweaks of my own.

And I carefully do calorie logging in MyFitnessPal. Calories count, whether you count them or not. I find calorie logging as essential as overall healthy eating and exercise.

To sum up, blood sugar remains normal, cholesterol is fantastic, blood pressure is great, and I continue to lose weight. The rest of this post are details, if people are interested in numbers and more!

What I eat and don’t eatI

I try to follow Greger’s Daily Dozen for the most part. The main exception is that I avoid eating nuts. As with many people, I find that nuts do, in fact, impact on weight loss. Calories count. See Chef AJ’s advice for example. She’s very supportive.

Although I avoid nuts, I do add flax seeds to my salads, which add healthy fats, aid in nutrient absorption, and are also tasty.

I’ve also been “sequencing” more, which is recommended for people trying to lose weight, by Chef AJ and others. Sequencing just means starting meals with very low calorie density foods, like a big salad. Then going on to cooked non-starchy veggies. Then, if you like, finishing off with satisfying starches, like potatoes.

Desserts are just fruits.

I find sequencing really helps with calorie control. There is no feeling of deprivation. If I’m hungry I’ll eat something, like a fruit, or some cherry tomatoes, some carrots or even a potato.

I’ve become somewhat of a carrot junkie lately. They make great snacks and are also nicely sweet tasting. I’ll slice them up and microwave them, air fry them, and even eat some raw. I think I’m turning into a rabbit. When cooked, they’re really tasty with some ginger powder sprinkled on them.

So I eat lots of veggies, and have fruits every day. In other words, I eat lots of carbs. Carbs do not impact negatively on blood sugar or weight.

Some Notes on Fruits

For weight loss reasons I have adjusted the kinds of fruits I eat. It turns out I had been underestimating the calories in many fruits. It’s very easy to underestimate if you don’t weigh things! Now I’m being more careful. I’ve basically given up bananas because they have an unusually high calorie density compared with most other fruits. In fact, 100 grams of bananas have more calories than 100 grams of potatoes! It’s a waste on a diet because they aren’t really filling; if I have a bunch in the house I will mindlessly eat them all.

For the most part, the fruits I eat are bags of frozen blueberries. Only 49 calories per 100 grams, and they make for a nice after dinner dessert. I’ll sometimes have watermelon and persimmons too.

Other Foods

I also eat firm (momen) tofu a few times a day. I find it filling, and it has a lower calorie density than potatoes, healthy fats, and has lots of protein. I’ve been eating tofu in place of other legumes in general lately. It agrees with me more.

I avoid animal products, oils and other added fats (completely), added sugar (as much as is practical), added salt (as much as is practical), and also stay away from highly processed high calorie density foods, like breads and pastas.

I don’t obsess about tiny amounts of animal products, like bonito extract in miso soup at a restaurant. I’m trying to make this easy and sustainable. I will also very occasionally have some sushi with a friend. When I eat rice I try to go for brown rice when possible, but I will eat white rice if that’s all that’s available.

No Fasting

I do not do intermittent fasting. It’s not necessary and I’m not interested in it at all. The whole idea is a big turn off for me. Dr. Greger’s latest research reports also confirms there is no advantage to intermittent fasting over ordinary daily calorie control (and, in fact, can be dangerous). I know there are a lot of IF fans out there, but I would not recommend it because it just doesn’t seem like a fun lifestyle, and it isn’t needed.

Logging with MyFitnessPal

I log my food and exercise calories in MyFitnessPal, and keep within 1540 net calories per day (food calories minus exercise calories). Today is my MyFitnessPal Streak Day 2,747. Daily logging in MFP has been a great sanity check and prevented me from having a complete rebound when I fell off the wagon in the past.

I’ve lost a total of 46.4 kg = 102 lb so far, and am just 7.2 kg = 16 lb from a normal BMI. Getting closer and closer! It’s never been this low since I started MFP logging in 2012.

Blood test results

Here are the latest and previous results. Normal ranges are in parentheses.

Total cholesterol (120-219)

  • Nov 28 – 118
  • Aug 29 – 116
  • Jun 8 – 136
  • Mar 19 – 133
  • Dec 20 – 124

This remains low, which I think is fine.

HDL good cholesterol (35-80)

  • Nov 28 – 46
  • Aug 29 – 40
  • Jun 8 – 34
  • Mar 19 – 38
  • Dec 20 – 36

LDL bad cholesterol (70-139)

  • Nov 28 – 55
  • Aug 29 – 56
  • Jun 8 – 73
  • Mar 19 – 72
  • Dec 20 – 67

Quite low! But that’s supposed to be great for your heart.

Triglycerides (30-150)

  • Nov 28 – 62
  • Aug 29 – 79
  • Jun 8 – 129
  • Mar 19 – 114
  • Dec 20 – 100

Also a drop from last time.

Blood Sugar HbA1c (4.7-6.2)

  • Nov 28 – 5.9
  • Aug 29 – 6.1
  • Jun 8 – 5.5
  • Mar 19 – 5.9
  • Dec 20 – 6.5

This value does not fluctuate over the short term. It’s a 2-3 month average. Previous HbA1c quarterly values were 8.2, and 10.8. So it’s a great improvement over time, and has been in the normal range since March.

More medication eliminated!

My doctor takes a conservative approach to reducing or eliminating medication, but finally today he said he doesn’t think I need my blood sugar meds at all anymore and dropped them completely! He said I can feel free to brag. The nutritionist was also very pleased.

The “E” Word

That would be exercise, something that has never been my strong suit, but I’m trying. It’s good for health, and the calories burned give me a calorie buffer when needed.

My daily exercise is mostly walking, and I’ve started doing daily indoor cycling too. I feel it gives me a better workout that I can actually feel, and burns more calories in a shorter time. Indoor cycling is deathly boring, but listening to NPR or music helps.

I’m going to start some upper body resistance training to build up some arm strength and maybe add some muscles, for my health. I haven’t started that yet though.



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