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  1. This is an absolutely beautiful tribute to Muttle!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. This was so incredible . Thank you so much. My mom and the first Mimi’s mother, Esther, were first cousins. They came over on the same boat, on the same day. My mom used to tell me that she and Esther pretended to speak English while on the boat, while all they actually spoke was Yiddish. I was a junior bridesmaid at Muttle and the first Mimi’s wedding. Thanks again for these memories.


    If I should leave you
    Try to remember the good times
    Warm days filled with sunshine
    And just a little bit of rain
    And just a little bit of rain

    Of course, I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Muttle’s passing. He was our family but today’s cuing of dawn lit a new path as he touched ev’ryone in a distinct way. With a burst of a new reality our Muttle stepped over a threshold to a timeless place, which favors both vibrancy and peacefulness to those that come before it. He has walked through a door into a proverbial province, a realm of starry heights.

    I’d like to believe that he is applauding egad & oh-my-gosh-outta-sights. Yes, Muttle now has found an “impassioned place of both somethingness and nothingness and a deeper sense of the next stage “as he has taken flight to that heavenly ladder rung… on clouds of beautiful musical notes floating and changing shape. PERFECT. Unbelievable.

    The cup of family, camaraderie and friendship that he drank from and shared was always filled with a continuous soft crackling in which there was a liveliness of effervescence…

    Muttle was a character. He put a smile on our faces. Muttle was talented, passionate, and intelligent but most of all he was the definition of a mensch: “a person of integrity and honor”. That was a wonderful thing about him. He didn’t settle for just being OK…

    Muttle had stories and opinions. He was a great performer who was full of the light when we chatted. Bottom-line: Muttle was a joyous soul and he infected everyone with his exuberance & wonderful spirit. His endless love for people/family, a boundless positive energy for life & his “jus’ being” true to who he was… was so damn genuine.

    Yes, his DNA for celebrating humanity & life plus liberty infused a gloriously spirited mantra tinged with humor and this bounded out from him not with abandon but with an emanating embrace.

    AND this positivity was [and will always be] coupled with his magical ability to see the morning in our eyes and for us to see the love of family and a solid friendship in his. He was definitely a one-of-a-kind and a treasure to discover.

    Though no longer attached to earthly delights and distractions, in my mind, Muttle’s soul-filled heart continues to beat out big rhythms. I assure you that he won’t be forgotten. The gathered recollections of his personality and our loving thoughts of him remind us of his voice, his laughter, and his wherewithal of comedic common sense.

    “Muttle’s story” and/or the fabric of his life, has a golden thread which runs through many of “our stories” and memories which tether us all… The collective “we” will always welcome our times with him, that BIG smile from him to us will always brighten our day.

    With my personal memories of Muttle, I can rewind the sublime and even step between the walls of continual time. AND that is something I will always do because his genuine friendship and being family was that important, and because our history, however short it was, is forever tied together with a heartfelt love knot…

    Peacefulness always dear Muttle… à la belle étoile, (under the beautiful star) the right path will be illuminated – again “thank you” for being you


    Translucently straightforward, it’s all beyond explanation, always golden…

    Yes, he stirred under a blanket o’ evening, while the unraveling of a dream signaled our arms t’pull back that rumpled fabric of sleep which covered him…

    Being reborn with a flamboyant twirl, he now was partnering up for a new dance … together with the global spirit you dance forever – there is no closing time. An image of the truth whispered, “With faithfulness there is so much more….”


    * I got to meet and know Muttle in his sunset years: Around 7 or 8 years ago. He would marry his childhood sweetheart from his youth in Brooklyn. Miriam [Mimi]. I am Mimi’s son-in-law.

  4. I am extremely sorry for the late reply. I didn’t notice a bunch of comments until today. Thank you very much for your warm message. I miss him too. I just saw his daughter and family when I was in Boston in April.

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