Happy 9th Birthday, Monta!

Today is a national holiday in Japan – Monta’s birthday! Well, it’s also Labor Thanksgiving Day, but that’s just a coincidence. Today, Monta turns 9 years old!

I got Monday from a Java Sparrow adoption site in November, 2012. Mon was still alive then, and I was looking for a companion about her age, which was two years at the time. The name was just a coincidence.

I went over to Mitaka and met the owner in his car, and Monta was really friendly, so I took him home on the train! The owner sent his cage, and his favorite thing in life – his swing – by delivery service later. I also learned from his former owner some great things about Java Sparrow food, which probably accounts for Monta’s long life. In human years, he’s in his 90s now. He can’t really fly (if he tries, he flutters to the floor) and can’t see out of his right eye because of cataracts, and can’t take a bath by himself. But he still has an appetite, and chirps and sings.

Here are some photos from this morning, and a little “Happy Birthday to You” video.

You can click on the photos to see them in full size.

“Happy birthday to you…”


Happy 9th Birthday, Monta! — 2 Comments

  1. That is so sweet! I’ve had many pets throughout my life, and I know how much we bond with them. You’re a good pet person.

    Happy Birthday, Monta! You are a beautiful bird! 🙂

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