Brief update from Tokyo

Tuesday, March 15, midnight

Things are much better here in the capital than elsewhere. The main problems here are just inconveniences: uncertain cell and phone service, a transportation break-down, stores closing because of power shortages, empty store shelves. But there isn’t much of any physical damage in Tokyo itself. Things are calm. It’s very difficult for people trying to commute to work, but I work out of my house. There are unnerving aftershocks, wondering what’s happening with those nuclear power plants north of here and waiting for information about the search and rescues in Miyagi. But we are relatively lucky here in central Tokyo.



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  1. Doug, Thanks for the update. We read about it and feel for you, My computer was down for a few days and is still very ,very slow so I my not be able to email you much but again thanks for all the information. Be well. Love you,   Mimi and Muttle

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