The workers didn’t notice the pump running out of fuel? — 2 Comments

  1. I read they ran out of sea water at one point also. There must be too many reactors with things going wrong at the same time to manage. And maybe the workers killed were their best engineers. They say the results of the outer building explosions are “safe” but must leave so much damage to confuse things. A routine job turns into an unbelievably heroic struggle.I’m glad you’re being cautious with your windows; I’ve read what really matters is don’t drink the milk, not so much don’t breath the air. They powdered the milk around TMI and kept it on the shelf until any hot iodine decayed. You are much further away than those cows that made milk for Hershey bars.I’m glad the finches weathered the tossing and a have a warmer. I hope you can play with them and take a mental vacation from all this.

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