Twitter on my mind

Do you use Twitter?

I’ve had a Twitter account for eons (@douglerner), but have rarely used the app itself. I have my personal and company blog posts automatically shared to Twitter and that’s about it.

With all the weird things going on with my Facebook account I thought I would play with it some more.

The pluses:

  • People do react to my posts. I get likes, comments, and a few added followers. So there is some sense of “engagement” and it’s an easy place to share tidbits of things, or thoughts you find interesting.
  • Because of a tweet I added to a journalist about his Olympic article, I ended up getting connected to a CNN journalist and got interviewed. So I made an interesting connection.
  • Some software has quickly responding support if you send a tweet or message to them on Twitter.
  • Just opening up Twitter you can read through tweets and reply to them, retweet them, or like them (you apparently can’t hate them).

The minuses:

  • What a garbled mess! Does anybody understand what’s going on at all? Why do you see the posts you do? Where is there any sense of organization? It’s like a non-stop stream of consciousness that can get sort of annoying.

Is there any way of making sense of Twitter? Or is there any point in bothering to try to make sense of it?

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