The mystery library

I’ve stumbled across a mystery.

Lately I have been going on walks around my neighborhood for exercise, and to explore. While walking, I came across this sign on a concrete wall pointing to a library. “Cool,” I thought. “I haven’t been to a library in many years.” So I followed the sign to check it out.


Here is the sign on the wall saying the library entrance is to the left, down this street.


A little ways up the street there is another sign saying the library entrance is still to the left.


Then I come to this gate, and the sign still points to the library entrance being to the left.


Finally I come to this clearly marked property entrance which has the name of the library and operating hours. It is open now.


To the left of the wall with the hours posted is another wall with a book drop for returning books.


Between the wall with the sign and the wall with the book drop is an open gate with a parking lot, and two bicycles are parked there. And you can see the doors.


And here’s the door. It is locked and the reads, “This is not an entrance.” There is an arrow pointing to the library entrance to the right and an elementary school entrance to the left. But the door on the right is also locked, and it has the same sign on it.”


I leave the parking lot and continue down the street to the next corner and there is a sign pointing me back to the library entrance.


But there is no library entrance anywhere…

Where is the entrance?

Who parked the bicycles in the parking lot?

I pondered these questions as I continued on my walk…

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